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Kaze Road Disc Tubeless 45mmx28mm Review

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Author : sworkser
Update time : 2019-03-23 15:12:00

In search of a suitable wheelset for our new team bike, I rummaged through all the products of different manufacturers. In addition to the well-known brands such as Zipp, Enve, Mavic and Vision, we have kept our eyes open in the Far East and obtained offers.
Shortly to our requirements: We want to build about 12 team bikes, which should all be driven in the same configuration. Our claim to the wheels was by participation in Alpine marathons, such as the Ötztal cycling marathon, etc., relatively high. Due to the technological developments, we have opted for a disc brake model. As a result, the wheels are for the first time free of the circumstances brake surface, maximum temperature, durability, breakstumbling etc. The hubs should come from a reputable manufacturer, as well as the spokes and nipples. In the case of the rims, we all agreed that they would all come from the Far East and only be labeled. A decent OEM rim set is in our opinion equal to a brand rim.
Because of this, we finally decided for the manufacturer Farsports and have ordered there a wheelset to have a view on it. Shortly to the ordered configuration:

Rim designation: FSC45CM-28TDSL
Wheel Size: 700C
Rim Material: full carbon
Rim height: 45mm
Rim width outside: 28mm
Finish: UD Carbon Matt
Number of spokes: 24H / 24H
Spoke Nipple: External nipple holes
Hubs: DT Swiss 240S Straigh pull disc hub
Thru axles (v / h): 12mm x 100mm / 12mm x 142mm
Cassettebody: Shimano / Sram 11-speed
Disc standard: Centerlock
Spokes: Sapim CX-RAY
Nipple: Sapim Sils nipple black
Other: Tubeless Ready, rim base without spoke holes (no rim tape required)

The order of the wheels was only possible via Skype, which worked perfectly. “Farsports-Sandy” is the corresponding Skype contact that can be reached at farsports13. I can only praise the whole process here. You will be decent and very friendly advice, all options are listed, so that you can build the wheelset as desired. In addition to DT-Swiss, hubs are also sold by Extralite, Tune, Novatec and other manufacturers. For the spokes Farsports has an exclusive contract with Sapim, which is why they are offered as standard in any case. I can recommend Sapim without hesitation, especially the model CX-Ray obstruct almost all wheel manufacturers on request. The rims can be selected in terms of rim height and rim width, with different rim heights on the front and rear wheels are possible. Added to this is the choice of Tubless compatibility, which has the consequence that the rim base has no more spoke holes. Furthermore, the nipples can be installed internally or externally. Last but not least you will be asked about the finish, where you have a wide range of different designs. Here you can choose both the carbon structure (12k, 3k, 1k, UD and many other novel patterns) as well as the finish. This can be ordered either as a clear coat (glossy or matt) or in a specific color.

After you have put together his configuration, you get an order confirmation (Invoice) by mail and a payment request via Alipay. With Alipay you can pay by bank transfer at an acceptable dollar / euro exchange rate. In addition, the orders are insured by Tradeassurance, which provides some security for purchases from non-physically available traders.

The dispatch took place by EMS, the transit time to Germany amounted to 7 days. The package is intercepted by the GDSK in Frankfurt, where the goods are cleared. The costs for this are the usual 19% for import taxes and 4.7% for “essential bicycle components”. I have had the goods cleared by GDSK, which is covered by a lump sum of just under € 30. The goods will arrive within 3 days via DHL.

Packed was the wheelset in a very good wheel box, both wheels were separated with sufficient distance from each other, which protects against damage from contact.

The scope of supply includes in my case really only the bare wheels, no quick release or thru axles and no brake pads as disc. Furthermore, no rim tape, as this is not necessary due to the rim without spoke holes.

The first act on my part was the passage to Libra, where I was able to determine a precisely fitting weight. 1520 + -20 grams were specified, 1520g weigh the wheels completely.
Front wheel: 698g
Rear wheel: 722g

The weight fits well and is perfect in the disc sector for 45mm carbon rims in this price segment. Here it must be said that the saved weight compared to rims, which need a rim tape still needs to be considered. A tubeless rim tape beats sometimes with about 80 grams for both wheels to book.

The build quality:
The wheels were of course clamped directly into a centering stand to check the concentricity. This is perfect and there is no re-centering needed, which pleasantly surprised me, since many new wheels do not run 100% round (am picky).
The wheels themselves are very clean processed, there are no sharp edges, the rim is flat and without turnings. The UD carbon pattern is clearly visible under the matte clear coat I ordered. This too is perfect and does not show any ugly spots.
It is very pleasing that these are complete disc rims, ie without brake flank.
The nipples and spokes of Sapim are above all, so I do not want to write anything else. This also applies to the installed DT-Swiss 240s Road Disc hubs, which come along in the usual manner. Farsports incidentally, has contracts with the hub manufacturers and as mentioned above, with Sapim. So you can you be sure that the parts are original, I have this demand specially in the manufacturing Sapim and DT Swiss.

For Sapim, this is officially available at this link:
At DT-Swiss, I got verbal approval, as well as Tune.

But now to the pictures that say everything else could be interesting:

The decals can be removed.
Here first the complete wheelset, already with tires (S-Works Turbo Cotton 24mm)

Optimal is a tire that is flush with the rim builds in width. The rim measured measured with the caliper outside 28mm at the thinnest point and 29mm at the widest point, as it is slightly bulbous. A tire that builds 28mm would be perfect here.

We tried the following tires:
– Swallow Pro One Tubless 25mm => 27.5mm
– Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 25mm => 28.0mm
– Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 23mm => 25.0mm
– S-Works Turbo Cotton 24mm => 27.6mm

After assembling all the tires at 8 bar, we came to the conclusion that the S-Works Turbo Cotton in the 24mm version fits best to the rim and builds aerodynamically perfect.

The U-shape of the rim, which corresponds to the current state of the art in terms of aerodynamics.

The DT-Swiss straight-pull hubs with 12mm thru axle.

Here is a look into the rim bed, which is ready for tubeless. As already mentioned, the rim well is very well made and even with a hose rim tape is certainly not necessary for protection.

Last but not least the supervision of the DT-Swiss 240s hub with the Centerlock receiver on the left and the 11-speed freehub for Shimano and Sram on the right.

Both the contact to Farsports and their products have fully convinced me and the team. The first tests and measurements correspond exactly to what was ordered. The times for production and delivery were completely adhered to. The wheels are light, aerodynamic, fit the style of the complete wheel and the construction is extremely high quality. Unfortunately, the first driving impressions are still coming, but I will report as soon as the frame has been delivered and the whole is mobile. So far I have always driven Zipp and Roval and have always been extremely satisfied, I hope the Farsports can join here! So far everything speaks for it.
I wrote this longer report in the hope that other teams and individual riders looking for wheels could benefit from it. If there are any further questions, I will gladly answer them.

Price: MSRP $ 950 + shipping and customs

And here the bike i ride (Hongfu FM-169F)!