Crater Technology MTB Rims-with molded spoke hole

A look at the way Farsports make their wheels stronger using spoke holes molded and not drilled…

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The spoke hole is an integral part of the wheel which is exposed to massive forces. Tradition spoke holes are drilled after the rim is produced. This destroys the carbon filaments around the spoke hole creating a weak point.

With mold forming spoke holes, crater forming, the carbon fiber filaments are wired around the spoke hole creating a hugely stronger interface between the spokes and the carbon rim. As you can see from the diagram, with crater forming technology, spoke tension forces are transmitted in all directions. This results in a rim 160% stronger than traditional rims.

Clearly seen in this graph, with a spoke tension test result showed that all spokes broke at the end of the spoke and the crater forming spoke hole was perfectly intact with no damage whatsoever.

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